Track 85 Beer-Infused Burgers

CPA Canada 150 Chocolate Cake

Light’er Up Lager Eggs Benedict

Just because it’s breakfast doesn’t mean you have to shy away from incorporating a brewski in the menu, enjoy this tailored twist on a classic.

Honey Ginger Shandy Fish Taco Bowls

Old Tomorrow Honey Ginger Shandy compliments this fresh taste of summer and is guaranteed to keep people coming back for more!

SOB Track 85 BBQ Ribs

This delicious recipe is courtesy of our friends and passionate fans the Southern Ontario Beer Boys.


Canadian Maple Cheese & Bacon Dip

Savoury and sweetness unite in perfect harmony with the smooth flavour of Old Tomorrow Canadian Pale Ale for a real crowd pleaser, oozing a blend of cheesy flavours that is sure to delight all!

Artichoke & Cheese Dip

Artichoke Cheese Dip

Easy, delicious and sure to please! Old Tomorrow Canadian Pale Ale’s smooth biscuit flavour compliments the artichoke hearts, onion and cheeses for a distinctive & sophisticated savoury taste.

Canadian Pale Ale Peanut Brittle

Great for entertaining or gift-giving! The subtle ale flavour perfectly matches the sweetness and crunch of traditional peanut brittle. You can even addmore flavour and seasonal colours with dried fruits & seeds.

Old Tomorrow Crispy Thai Coconut Shrimp

The All Canadian Maple & Ale Candied Bacon

It’s that time of year and the big game is coming up! At Old Tomorrow we like to kick it up a notch. Bacon, Maple Syrup and our Canadian Pale Ale are all great on their own…but they are even tastier together! This All Canadian Maple & Ale Candied bacon is super easy to make and versatile for before, during and after the game. Game on!