Canadian Craft Lager

Clean, crisp and crushable!

What’s so special about Light’er Up?

Thirsty?  Want a craft beer that goes down easy, is full of flavour but so drinkable that you can crush a few with your friends (or even your dad!)?  Tired of telling yourself, “I want to switch to  craft beers but they’re just too bitter?”

Then Old Tomorrow’s new Light’er Up is for YOU!

We Canadians know how to make the most of whatever life throws our way – we  just deal with it and carry on.  And we certainly know how to celebrate the good things and party on (responsibly, of course).

We dared our brewmaster to create  a beer that reflects our Canadian gutsiness.  And we challenged him to  mirror our  passion for outstanding flavours but also keep it on the lighter side.

Light’er Up was his answer and man, is it great-tasting!  It’s hand-crafted, made in small batches and is premium “light” beer – with only 4% alcohol yet a super clean fresh flavour that  satisfies without filling you up.  You might even call it crushable (and we won’t be offended!).

Made in small batches with double-filtered water and all Canadian natural ingredients. Packaged directly from small tanks to the can (or the keg).

Light’er Up is a perfect choice for those with a lighter taste palate – yet still want to experience a fulsome lager style.  A great transition into craft beers.


Light & crisp. Very clean finish. Nicely carbonated. Crushable, very easy-drinking.


Subtle grassy notes with underlying hints of cereal and breadiness.


A full-bodied flavour that is refreshing and satisfying. Hoppier bitter notes are evenly balanced by malty undertones for a smooth, clean finish. Delicious and sessionable.

Alcohol by Volume




Key Ingredients

Made in small batches with all Canadian natural ingredients including malted 2 row Canadian barley, Ontario hops, yeast and double-filtered water.  No adjuncts or artificial ingredients.

Food Pairings

A satisfying every day thirst-quencher on its own.

Ideal for parties and corporate gatherings as the flavour is not too hoppy.

Its crisp clean flavour pairs well with:

  • BBQ foods – burgers, wings, chicken & steak
  • pizza, nachos, tacos & other spicy or savoury snacks
  • Ethnic dishes like Mexican foods, Jamaican beef patties, jerk chicken, curries & spicier Asian foods
  • Fish & chips
  • Lighter fare and pastas
  • Salty snacks like nuts, pretzels, and potato chips (especially salt & cracked black pepper chips)


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Where to buy

Light’er Up is available as select Beer Stores in Ontario.

Always drink responsibly.