Track 85® Altbier Lagered Ale

Easy Drinking. Crisp. Clean.

What’s an Altbier?

Looking to chill out?  Like this cold-conditioned Altbier, you need to stay cool under pressure.  And our Altbier style of lagered ale takes you back to simpler days and the ancient cold-aging brewing process still practiced in the Dusseldorf area of Germany today.

Altbiers are all about smooth flavour and crisp finishes.  Patiently cold-aged in the tank, Altbiers require a specialty yeast we brought over from Germany.  The cooler fermentation temperature mellows out the fruitiness, creating an exceptionally smooth brew.  Even the  worst day can be forgotten once this mellow liquid reaches your parched lips.

Track 85® is one of a very few altbier-style beers now available in Canada.  This brew’s  all about a crisp, smooth ride – so crack open a cold one  — you might as well enjoy it!

Oh, we forgot to mention that Track 85® just won GOLD at the 2017 Ontario Brewing Awards.  But don’t take our word for it, try one today!


Golden honey hue.


Subtle notes of apple and pear blended with a slightly bready character. Delicate notes of German Noble hops.


Crisp & mellow. Smooth with delicate fruit notes and a clean refreshing finish. An easy-drinking thirst-quencher.

Alcohol by Volume




Key Ingredients

Our Altbier is created it with a Canadian twist – using all Canadian two row barley, Canadian hops (blended with German Noble Hops),  Western Prairie malts,  specialty German yeast and double-filtered Canadian water.

Food Pairings

Well suited as a year-long “session beer” on its own – great when watching the big game or just hanging out with friends.  Pairs well with a variety of foods such as:

  • roasted and grilled meats, especially chicken and pork
  • seafood and lighter fish like cod, halibut, shellfish, oysters, etc.
  • creamy cheeses (like Camembert, Fontina, Havarti & Brie)
  • smoked meats & game
  • wide variety of salads &  lighter fare like pastas
  • Custards or tarts

Cooking with beer recipes

Want to take your next meal to a whole other level? Try these tasty recipes using our Track 85®…and be sure to save some beer for the chef!

For more recipes using all of Old Tomorrow’s beers, click here.


  • 1st Place
  • Altbier Category
    Ontario Brewing Awards
  • 2017

Where to buy

Old Tomorrow Track 85® Altbier Lagered Ale  is available at the LCBO, select Ontario Grocery Stores that carry beer, select Beer Stores, and Manitoba Liquor Marts, as well as at your local bar or restaurant.  Click on the LCBO or Manitoba images below to find your closest store  or to buy now on the LCBO’s new e-commerce site.

If  your favourite store or bar doesn’t carry Old Tomorrow, be sure to ask them to bring it in!

Always drink responsibly.