About us

Oh hi there! Thanks for checking us out. We hope you enjoy our beer and if you’re just learning about us now for the first time, welcome!

Our beers are inspired by Canada and the delicious flavours you can only find here! Our first beer, our Canadian Pale Ale, celebrates Canada and all those who have had a hand in making it the greatest country in the world. As a tribute to our feisty yet polite spirit, it’s packed with flavour but approachable and easy going. We also wanted to salute Canada’s diverse mosaic by using a blend of Old & New World malts and hops. We all come from somewhere else and are here now together. That’s a pretty special recipe for greatness.

Our Honey Ginger Shandy is made with Muskoka Springs Ginger Ale which they've been making since 1873! And our Monty's Aged Ryed Ale is aged in oak wood that has been infused with 100% Canadian rye whisky,.

But don't expect any ketchup chip our poutine beers soon!

We're a family run business that is proud to be Canadian and call Canada home. We hope our beers help you celebrate both little and big moments. Looking for one of our beers? Give us a ring and we'd be happy to help you!

The Old Tomorrow Team