CPA Canadian Pale Ale


What’s a Canadian Pale Ale style?

Like you, we at Old Tomorrow are a pretty easy-going crew and we set out to create a beer that would reflect the kicked back but get ‘er done style we Canadians are known for.  Canada may be a small country but we’re mighty on the world stage and we all work hard to punch above our weight – all the while maintaining our friendly, open and easy-going demeanor.

And that’s the character we hand-crafted into Old Tomorrow CPA®.  We challenged our brew master to make a beer that would deliver a nice full flavour of an ale but still be approachable and smooth…without the bitter aftertaste of traditional ales.

Old Tomorrow Canadian Pale Ale is more approachable and easy drinking compared to the hoppier American Pale Ale (APA) and India Pale Ale (IPA) styles. Our CPA® gives you a great balance between a satisfying, full-bodied beer without the bitterness of APA’s and IPA’s – so the finish is clean and, well, polite.

We’re proud to be Canadian and wanted to create a flavour that Canadians could call their own.  Enjoy this award-winning beer made especially for you, Canada!